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Effectiveness of a new smartphone application on type 1 diabetes control and self-management in times of Covid-19: Randomized controlled trial

Nada Derkaoui, Salma Benyakhlef, Imane Rami, Ouafae El Mehraoui, Najoua Messaoudi, Hajar Charif, Nisrine Bouichrat, Imane Assarrar, Abir Tahri, Salma Derbel, Naima Abda, Siham Rouf, Hanane Latrech
Department of Endocrinology-Diabetology-Nutrition, Mohammed VI University Hospital, Medical School, Mohammed the First University, Oujda, Morocco


Background: Self-management for type1 diabetes mellitus patients is a real challenge especially in a time of a spreading pandemic. “Ana wa Soukari” is a smartphone application for therapeutic education and insulin doses management. Objectives: Our study evaluated the effectiveness of “Ana wa Soukari” on clinical and biological outcomes of type1 diabetes self-management. Methods: This is a randomized controlled trial including 62 patients. Groupe “A” (Application users) and Group “B” (without application). Primary endpoint was HbA1c after three months’ follow-up. Secondary endpoints were number of hypoglycaemic events and treatment satisfaction which was assessed using the Arabic version of DTSQs questionnaire. Results: Sixty-two patients were included. Their mean age was 15±6,41 years. Sex ratio M/F=1,1. Mean diabetes duration was 4,9±4,3 years. All patients declared using the application at least twice a day. Mean HbA1c levels in Group A and Group B dropped from 8,3%±2,3 and 8,2%±2 respectively at baseline to 7,4%±1,5 and 8%±1,8 at three months’ follow-up. Change in hypoglycaemic episodes was –1,8±2,0(P< 0,001) for Group A and –1,2±1,5(P< 0,001) for Group B. DTSQs scores were significantly higher in group(A) than group(B). Conclusions: Self-management smartphone apps appear to be effective on glycaemic control and should be considered an adjuvant intervention to standard diabetes care.

type 1 diabetes · self-management · glycaemic control · smartphone application · therapeutic education · telemedicine · treatment satisfaction,.



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